My CV!

Leshell HatleyLeshell April Denise Hatley



College/University                        Major/Concentration                                           Degree &Year

George Mason University                  Learning Technologies Design Research                  PhD, 2016
University of Maryland                      Information Studies & HCI                                          Masters, 2011
Carnegie Mellon University               LearnLab (Summer Learning Institute)                   Certificate, 2010
Howard University                              Computer Science                                                          Masters, 1998
Howard University                              Computer Systems Engineer                                       BS, 1994


Coppin State University (February 2016 – Present)
Assistant Professor
Math and Computer Science Department

Principal Investigator
Lab for Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (LAIA)

Uplift, Inc. (1999-Present )
Founder & Executive Director
“Immersing Students in STEAM+CS Education”
Research & Development of Learning Technology

emagine! technologies (1999-Present)
Founder & Technical Lead, Freelancer
Technology Solutions Provider

Howard University (HU) ADVANCE-IT (October 2013 – February 2016)
Program Manager
$3.6 Million National Science Foundation Grant to support Women STEM Faculty at Howard University

George Mason University (2012-2014)
Center for Digital Media, Innovation, and Diversity
Graduate Research Assistant
Program Manager, Game Design @ Mason

Human-Computer Interaction Lab  (2007-2010)
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Maryland

Greater DC Cares (2005-2007)
Director of Technology

Integrated Marketing Services (2003-2005)
(Consultant) IT Specialist, Web Master, Web Media Designer

North Star Academy Charter School of Newark (1999-2002)
K-8 Certified Teacher, Technology Curricula Developer & Instructor



Uplift, Inc. (1999-Present)
Educator & Learning Architect, STEAM+CS topics
PreK-16 (Over 2K students taught)

Teaching Sites (in no particular order):

-Uplift, Inc., NJ, NY, DC, MD, VA
-Housing Opportunities Commission, MD
-Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Alexandria Alumnae Chapter
-DC Scholars Public Charter  School
-Martha’s Table, DC
-Urban League of Essex County, NJ
-NewarkLive, NJ
-La Casa de Don Pedro, NJ
-Playing 2 Win, NYC
-Little Bites, NJ
-KIPP DC: AIM Academy, DC
-Arts & Technology Academy Public Charter School, DC
-Howard University Middle School of Mathematics & Science, DC
-Tree of Life Public Charter School, DC
-Computer Learning & Design Center (CLDC), Howard University
-Math & Computer Science Department, Coppin State University

George Mason University (2012-2014)
Game Design @ Mason (College and High School Students)
Game Design & Mobile App Development Lead Instructor

North Star Academy Charter School of Newark (1999-2002)
K-8 Certified Teacher, Technology Curricula Developer & Instructor

Gibbs College, NJ (2002) *No longer open



a.   Click here to view My Google Scholar Profile

b.   Book Chapters

  1. Hatley, L. Winston, C.E., Paige G., Clark, K. “Culturally Relevant Computing: A Pilot Study Operationalizing Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) in Computer Science Education.” Culture, Learning and Technology: Research and Practice. Ed. Benson, A., Joseph, R., and Moore, J. L. Routledge, New York, NY. 2017.
  2. Hatley, L. “Youth APPLab: The Wonder of App Inventor and Young App Developers.” Mobile Media Learning: Amazing Uses of Mobile Devices for Learning. Ed. Dikkers, S. Martin, J. and Coulter, B., Litts, B. ETC Press: Pittsburgh, PA. 2015.

c.    Editorials, Peer Reviewed Journal Articles & Conference Paper

  1. Rankin, Y., Thomas, J., Brown, Q., & Hatley, L. (2013). Shifting the paradigm of african-american students from consumers of computer science to producers of computer science. In Proceeding of the 44th ACM technical symposium on Computer science education (pp. 11-12). ACM.
  2. Hatley, L. (2011). Culture as Customization: HCI, Cultural Relevance, and Learning Technology. IDC-Remixed. In Proceedings of ACM CHI2011, Vancouver, BC.
  3. Brown, Q., Hatley, L., Bonsignore, E., Druin, A. (2011). Mobile Natives: Unlocking the Potential. Child Computer Interaction: 2nd Workshop on UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy in conjunction with CHI 2011 of Educational Technology
  4. Hatley, L., Washington, A. (2011). Youth APPLab: One Response to Preliminary Analysis of Computer Science Education for Students of Color. The 2011 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing.
  5. Brown, Q., Bonsignore, E., Hatley, L., Druin, A., Walsh, G., Foss, E., Brewer, R., Hammer, J. Golub, E.,(2010). Clear Panels: A Technique to Design Mobile Application Interactivity. Designing Interactive Systems 2010.
  6. Druin, A., Foss, E., Hutchinson, H., Golub, E., & Hatley, L. (2010). Children’s roles using keyword search interfaces at home.In Proceedings of ACM CHI2010, Atlanta, GA., 413-422.
  7. Frederick, R., Donnor, J., & Hatley, L. (2009). Culturally Responsive Applications of Computer Technologies in Education. Educational Technology 49(6), pp. 9-13.  NOTE: This is a ‘Special Issue.’Other titles in this issue can be reviewed here.
  8. Tarkan, S., Sazawal, V., Druin, A., Foss, E., Golub, E., Hatley, L., Khatri, T., Massey, S., Walsh, G., Torres, G. (2009) Designing a Novice Programming Environment with Children. HCIL-2009-03.
  9. Eugene, W., Hatley, L., McMullen, K.A., Brown, Q., Rankin, Y., & Lewis, S. (2009). This Is Who I Am and This Is What I Do: Demystifying the Process of Designing Culturally Authentic Technology. To be included in the Proceedings of HCI International 2009, 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 19-24 July 2009, San Diego, CA, USA. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.
  10. Druin, A., Foss, E., Hatley, L., Golub, E., Guha, M. L., Fails, J., & Hutchinson, H. (2009). How Children Search the Web with Keyword Interfaces. Accepted for publication and presentation at the 8th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children.


d.   Talks, Posters, Technical Reports, and Other Professional Presentations

  1. Leshell Hatley. (2018). RESPECT the RECIPE: What Happened When HBCU Students New to Java Programming Were Given a Recipe to Code, RESPECT  2018: 3rd Annual Conference For Research on Equity & Sustained Participation in Computing, Engineering, & Technology, IEEE Special Technical Community on Broadening Participation.
  2. Leshell Hatley. (2017).  The Cultural Relevance of Pair Programming: A Promising Approach for African-American Youth Learning Computational Thinking and Programming Skills.  Technical Report. The Lab for Artificial Intelligence and its Applications.
  3. Leshell Hatley. (2016). Answer These 10 Questions and You Too Can Gamify. New Designs for Learning: Games and Gamification, University System of Maryland.
  4. Leshell Hatley. (2016). Blurring Boundaries Between Formal and Informal Learning Spaces through Technology, Symposium Chair. AERA 2016.
  5. Leshell Hatley. (2016). Rooftop Garden Robotics: Design Research Project. 4th Annual Science Symposium, Coppin State University.
  6. Leshell Hatley. (2015). Plenary Session Keynote. Digital Media & Learning Conference, Los Angeles, CA June 13-15, 2015.
  7. Leshell Hatley. (2015). “Hello World. Hello Robot. Hello Me.” Creative Mornings DC, Theme = Robot, May 29, 2015.
  8. Leshell Hatley. (2015). Entrepreneurship by STEM Women. Gender Summit 5, South Africa, April 2015.
  9. Leshell Hatley(2014). “Managing  the Juxtopia® Imhotep Open-Wear Platform team to Produce Affordable Wearable Consumer Telehealth Devices,” 142nd Annual Meeting. American Public Health Association, New Orleans, LA.
  10. Anna Ly, Kimberly Bryant, Jen Groff, Leshell Hatley, Brianna Igbinosun, Ricarose Roque (2014). “Creating Young Builders: Promoting a New Game Design Ecosystem to Engage Hard-to-Reach Youth in Learning,” Digital Media & Learning Conference 2014. Boston, MA.
  11. Leshell Hatley. (2013). “Teaching (& Guiding) Students Toward Becoming STEM Producers,” TERC, Boston, MA, June 10, 2013.
  12. Audrey Bennett, Ron Eglash, Leshell Hatley, and Josh Sheldon. MIT App Inventor: Empowering Youth as Producers in Media Ecologies. “Enhancing Children’s Voices with Media and Technology Workshop. 2013 Interaction Design & Children (IDC) Conference, June 24-27, 2013.
  13. Leshell Hatley. (2013). Discovering Myles & Ayesha: Ideas for Creating Culturally Relevant Learning Technologies. The Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA)National Conference, March 27-30, 2013. African-American Panel Chair.
  14. Yolanda Rankin, Jakita Thomas, Quincy Brown, and Leshell Hatley. (2013). Shifting the paradigm of african-american students from consumers of computer science to producers of computer science. In Proceeding of the 44th ACM technical symposium on Computer science education(SIGCSE ’13). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 11-12.
  15. Kevin Clark, Kimberly Scott, Leshell Hatley. (2011).;We Got Game: Digital Media & Game Creation Encourages STEM Participation, National Alliance of Black School Educators (NASBE) Conference, 39th Annual Conference November 16-20, 2011, New Orleans, LA.
  16. Leshell Hatley. (2011). Youth APPLab: Google’s 2-Day App Inventor Workshop, Google Headquarters – Mountainview, CA, June 2011
  17. Leshell Hatley. (2011). Youth APPLab: Google & MacArthur App Inventor Workshop, MacArthur Foundation Office – Chicago, Illinois, June 2011.
  18. Leshell Hatley. (2011). Entrepreneurship and the Academy. Panel Presentation. 2011 Symposium on Computing at Minority Universities. Association of Computer and Information Science/Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI). April 14, 2011. Clemson, SC.
  19. Leshell Hatley. (2010). Myles & Ayesha: Cartoon Characters, Culturally Relevant Learning Technology, Social Media Campaign. November 8, 2010. University of Maryland iSeries Undergraduate Lecture forINFM 289J Social Media Campaigns for the Well–Being of Humankind.
  20. Leshell Hatley. (2009). I Am A Black Scholar: A Digital Humanities Project on Scholarship from the Black Diaspora. Digital Humanities 2009. 6/2009. Poster& Demo.
  21. Leshell Hatley. (2009).  Word-Learning Toy / Technology: Exploration of How Practice Can Inform Design. Celebration of Research and Teaching, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland. 3/2009. Poster.
  22. Ann Weeks, Pam Berger, and Sheri Massey, Leshell Hatley (2008). Great Libraries: Information Services in Urban Schools(with Research Review Day, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland. 3/2008. Poster.
  23. Leshell Hatley. (2008). The African-American Picture Book: It’s Past, Present, and Promising Future. Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID) 2008. University of Maryland. Presentation. 


  1. 2017 Kapor Center for Social Impact – Monetary
  2. 2015 GMU College of Education and Human Development Dissertation Award – Monetary
  3. 2015 Yahoo! – Monetary
  4. 2015 Marriott Foundation – Monetary
  5. 2015 DC ShareFund – Monetary
  6. 2014 Marriott Foundation – Monetary
  7. 2014 DC ShareFund – Monetary
  8. 2014 Marriott Foundation – Monetary
  9. 2013 Women of Color in Technology STEM Conference Award, Recipient for  Entrepreneurial Leadership
  10. 2013 Digital Media & Learning Summer Research Associate
  11. 2013 BET’s ‘Blacks on the Brink of Greatness’ List
  12. 2013 National Society of Black Engineers – Alumnae Extension DC (NSBE-AEDC) Corporate Service & Education Award
  13.  2013 Community Service Award, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Washington DC Alumnae  Chapter
  14. 2013 DC ShareFund – Monetary
  15. 2012 DC ShareFund – Monetary
  16. 2012 Diversity City Fund – Monetary
  17. 2011 Google RISE Award – Monetary
  18. 2010 ING Unsung Hero Award Finalist – Monetary
  19. 2010 MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media & Learning Competition Winner – Monetary
  20. 2009 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholar – Monetary
  21. 2008 F.R.E.E. Research Competition: 3rd Place for The Black Scholars Index


  1. The Juxtopia Imhotep (JI) Band Affordable Telehealth Device R&D Project, 2013-Present.
  2. Google App Inventor & MIT App Inventor: Developer and Education Teams,
    2010 – Present.
  3. Advanced Distributed Learning xAPI Research Group(ADL), 2014
  4. IEEE xAPI Enabled Augmented Reality Committee(IEEE), 2014
  5. Teen App Development and Entrepreneurship 2014. DiversiTECH and TechShop, Arlington, VA.
  6. Computer Learning & Design Center (CLDC), Howard University, 2013-2015.
  7. Verizon Foundation App Challenge Team Coach for 2013 Winners; South River High School, Edgewater, MD; App Name = Study Buddy
  8. Teen App Development and Entrepreneurship 2014. DiversiTECH and TechShop,October 2014, Arlington, VA.
  9. Member of Computing Education for the 21st Century (CE21) 2013 Review Panel, May 2013, National Science Foundation.
  10. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Centennial Gwendolyn Boyd STEM Torch Event, Organizer, March 2013, Howard University, Washington, DC
  11. Member of Evaluation Team: Broadening Participating In Computing (BPC) Alliance: In the Loop Site Visit (Exploring Computer Science); PI – Jane Margolis; February 2012; National Science Foundation.
  12. App Development Workshop. African-American Entrepreneurs in Technology (AAEIT) 2013. March 21-24, Morehouse College.
  13. Youth APPLab: Google’s 2-Day App Inventor Workshop, Google Headquarters – Mountainview, CA, June 2011
  14. Youth APPLab: Google & MacArthur App Inventor Workshop, MacArthur Foundation Office – Chicago, Illinois, June 2011.
  15. Youth APPLab hosts event with Chairman of the FCC (Apps for Communities), Howard University, Washington, DC, May, 2011.
  16. Entrepreneurship and the Academy.Panel Presentation. 2011 Symposium on Computing at Minority Universities. Association of Computer and Information Science/Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI). Clemson, SC, April 14, 2011.
  17. Krystal Cooper, Michelle Harris, Leshell Hatley. (2011). Girls with Game. Panel Presentation and Workshop on Game Design for Girls. The 7th Annual Sisters Empowering Sisters Youth Conference. Syracuse, NY. March 26, 2011.
  18. International Journal of Urban Learning Technology (iJULT2009), co-Editor
  19. Chair of the Learning Technology Subcommittee of the IEEE Virtual Instructor Pilot Research Group (VIPRG), 2007.
  20. Uplift partners with The Juxtopia Group, LLC to sponsor the 2nd Annual Juxtopia Urban Learning Technology (JULT2007) Conference, Baltimore, MD, 2007.

Selected Media Appearances

  1. Leshell Hatley featured in Research, Games, and Impact, Oh My!,(March 26, 2014). Joan Ganz Cooney Center Website Blog Entry.
  2. Youth APPLab student, Hamza Hawkins and his latest app are featured in SiliconAngle – Teen Designed Emergency App Keeps Your Love Ones At Ease and Reflects Importance of Youth Innovation in Tech
  3. Youth APPLab is mentioned in a new report about teacher education –
  4. In Your Hands: How One App Program is Turning Consumers Into Inventors (March 4, 2013) –
  5. Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) ‘Blacks on the Brink of Greatness List (February 2013) –!012813-national-black-history-Leshell-Hatley
  6. Youth APPLab Makes History this Summer with XO APPLab (September 2012) –
  7. Educators Explore Innovative Ways to Harness Mobile Technology in the Classroom (July 16, 2012) –
  8. App Creation Inspires Student Entrepreneurs (June 13, 2012)  –
  9. Students Create Apps to Help Communities (March 1, 2012) –
  10. HOWARD UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE: Breaking Through the STEM Ceiling (Article & Cover Image, Fall 2011) –
  11. BLACK ENTERPRISE TELEVISION | A Slice of Life Profile (aired May – July 2011) –
  12. The Michael Eric Dyson Radio Show (April 2011) – “There’s an app for that” –
  13.  Leshell Hatley Uplifts Youth with Tech BlackWeb 2.0, March 21, 2011 –
  14.  BLACK ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE STEM Spotlight – “GAME TIME: What will it take for Black students to excel in math and science? Black Enterprise Magazine,” February 2011, p. 45-46.
  15. Patriot’s Training Center, 2nd Annual Video Gaming Conference – Game Design Workshop (several web articles reviewing the event and the workshop) December 2010.
  16. Myles and Ayesha Use Technology & History to Help Kids Learn – BlackWeb 2.0, October 15, 2010 –
  17.  Media Makers: Training Tomorrow’s Computer Scientists at Youth AppLab – MacArthur Foundation Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, May 2010 –
  18. Howard University Alumna Profile – “Howard University Alumna Leshell Hatley Awarded MacArthur Foundation’s 2010 Digital Media & Learning Grant” –

 Organization/Association Memberships

  1. Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
  2. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  3. International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (IAIED)
  4. American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  5. Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)
  6. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (DST)
  7. Golden Key International Honour Society
  8. The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
  9. Society of STEM Women of Color
  10. Tau Beta Pi – The Engineering Honor Society: Howard University

Collaborators and Partners

  1. Arts & Technology Academy Public Charter School, Washington, DC
  2. DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation, Washington, DC
  3. DC Scholars Public Charter School, Washington, DC
  4. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Global
  5. Digital Media & Learning Research Community (DML Hub), Global
  6. Diverse City Fund, Washington, DC
  7. DiversiTech, Washington, DC & Miami, FL
  8. Eastern High School, Washington, DC
  9. Fair Chance, Inc., Washington, DC
  10. George Mason University: Center for Digital Media and Innovation, VA
  11. George Mason University: Game Design @ Mason, VA
  12. Google, USA
  13. Hoffman-Boston Elementary School, VA
  14. Housing Opportunities Commission, MD
  15. Howard University, Computer Learning & Design Center, DC
  16. Howard University Middle School, Washington, DC
  17. Howard University, Early Learning Program, Washington, DC
  18. IT ComputerWizKids, MD
  19. Jubilee House, DC
  20. The Juxtopia Group, MD
  21. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Alexandria – Fairfax (VA) Alumni Chapter
  22. KIPP DC: AIM Academy Public Charter School, Washington, DC
  23. Loudoun County Public Library, VA
  24. MacArthur Foundation
  25. Martha’s Table, DC
  26. Maya Angelou Public Charter School, Washington, DC
  27. National Science Foundation
  28. NOVA (Northern Virginia) STEM Alliance, VA
  29. Share Fund, Washington, DC
  30. Shaw Community Ministry DC, DC
  31. Tree of Life Community Public Charter School, DC
  32. Urban League of Essex County, NJ
  33. Yahoo!, Global