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Leshell A. D. Hatley, Ph.D. 2016. Communal Learning versus Individual Learning: An Exploratory Convergent Parallel Mixed-Method Study to Describe How Young African American Novice Programmers Learn Computational Thinking Skills in an Informal Learning Environment. Learning Technologies, Division. College of Education and Human Development. George Mason University. (ProQuest).

Published Book Chapters:

Benson, A., Joseph, R., Moore, J.L. (In Press, March 9, 2017) Culture, Learning, and Technology: Research and Practice. Routledge Press: New York, NY.
Dikkers, S. Martin, J. and Coulter, B. (2012)  Mobile Media Learning: Amazing Uses of Mobile Devices for Learning. ETC Press: Pittsburgh, PA.

Published Articles/Papers:

Rankin, Y., Thomas, J., Brown, Q., & Hatley, L. (2013). Shifting the paradigm of african-american students from consumers of computer science to producers of computer science. In Proceeding of the 44th ACM technical symposium on Computer science education (pp. 11-12). ACM.

Leshell Hatley, Alicia Washington; Youth APPLab: One Response to Preliminary Analysis of Computer Science Education for Students of Color,
2011 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering (July 18-21, 2011, Las Vegas, USA).

Leshell HatleyCulture as Customization: HCI, Cultural Relevance, and Learning Technology, Interaction Design and Children Remixed, ACM CHI2011, Vancover, BC.

Quincy Brown, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Leshell Hatley, Allison Druin, Gregory Walsh, Elizabeth Foss, Robin Brewer, Joe Hammer, Evan Golub. 2010Clear Panels: A Technique to Design Mobile Application Interactivity. Designing Interactive Systems 2010Available online.

Druin, A., Foss, E., Hutchinson, H., Golub, E., & Hatley, L. (2010). Children’s roles using keyword search interfaces at home. In Proceedings of ACM CHI2010, Atlanta, GA., 413-422.

Frederick, R., Donnor, J., & Hatley, L. (2009). Culturally Responsive Applications of Computer Technologies in Education. Educational Technology 49(6), pp. 9-13.  NOTE: This is a ‘Special Issue.’ Other titles in this issue can be reviewed here.

Eugene, W., Hatley, L., McMullen, K.A., Brown, Q., Rankin, Y., & Lewis, S. (2009). This Is Who I Am and This Is What I Do: Demystifying the Process of Designing Culturally Authentic Technology. To be included in the Proceedings of HCI International 2009, 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 19-24 July 2009, San Diego, CA, USA. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

Druin, A., Foss, E., Hatley, L., Golub, E., Guha, M. L., Fails, J., & Hutchinson, H. (2009). How Children Search the Web with Keyword Interfaces. Accepted for publication and presentation at the 8th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children.

Tarkan, S., Sazawal, V., Druin, A., Foss, E., Golub, E., Hatley, L., Khatri, T., Massey, S., Walsh, G., Torres, G. (January 2009Designing a Novice Programming Environment with Children. HCIL-2009-03.

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Posters and Presentations:

Leshell Hatley. (2016). Answer These 10 Questions and You Too Can Gamify. New Designs for Learning: Games and Gamification, University System of Maryland.

Leshell Hatley. (2016). Rooftop Garden Robotics: Design Research Project. 4th Annual Science Symposium, Coppin State University.

Leshell Hatley. (2015). Plenary Session Keynote. Digital Media & Learning Conference, Los Angeles, CA June 13-15, 2015.

Leshell Hatley. (2015). “Hello World. Hello Robot. Hello Me.” Creative Mornings DC, Theme = Robot, May 29, 2015.

Leshell Hatley. (2015). Entrepreneurship by STEM Women. Gender Summit 5, South Africa, April 2015.

Hatley, L (November 2014). “Managing  the Juxtopia® Imhotep Open-Wear Platform team to Produce Affordable Wearable Consumer Telehealth Devices,” 142nd Annual Meeting. American Public Health Association, New Orleans, LA

Hatley, L., (2014). Authentic Voices of Young Novice African-Americans Learning Computer Programming Concepts: A Case Study of Students Enrolled in Courses Offered by Uplift, Inc.  2014 Tapia Celebrating Diversity in Computing Conference, Seattle, WA.

Member of Computing Education for the 21st Century (CE21) 2013 Review Panel, May 2013, National Science Foundation.

I Am A Black Scholar: A Digital Humanities Project on Scholarship from the Black DiasporaDigital Humanities 2009. 6/2009. Poster & Demo.

Word-Learning Toy / Technology: Exploration of How Practice Can Inform DesignCelebration of Research and Teaching, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland. 3/2009. Poster.

The Black Scholars Index: An Entrepreneurial Research Project on Black ScholarshipF.R.E.E. Research Poster Competition 2008. Sponsored by BGSA & BES @ University of Maryland. 12/2008. 3rd Place Poster Award Winner.

Great Libraries: Information Services in Urban Schools (with Ann Weeks, Pam Berger, and Sheri Massey). Research Review Day, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland. 3/2008. Poster.